Why is the Metropole Thu Thiem a Good Project to invest in?

Thu Thiem in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City has been the top spot for luxury real estate project investors. The City planned this new urban area to become the new financial district and has been compared to a new Pudong or Kowloon of Vietnam.

From the beginning, the orientation of the investor determined to focus on the high-end segment. The Metropole Thu Thiem is suitable for those who like urban lifestyle, as dynamic as the big cities in the world (New York, London, Sydney …). The exchange of learning lifestyle in the modern, young urban has fostered the idea of ​​owning a healthy, dynamic lifestyle. This brings residents full experience of a life full of facilities, feel the revolutionary modern life but still have the corner of relaxation, and privacy.

Metropole Thu Thiem: advantageous location – conveniently located in the central area of ​​​​Saigon

The Metropole Thu Thiem project is located in the Song Viet area—the best location in Thu Thiem, this place is close to the Saigon River, directly connected to the center of District 1 through the Thu Thiem tunnel. Investors can be assured of the potential for development and profit enhancement because this location has a high potential for price increases over time due to the development of transportation infrastructure.

Apartment facilities:

Coming to The Metropole Thu Thiem, investors will enjoy the design and convenience of the apartment with a modern and luxurious design, and luxurious lobby, along with European Square, a full jogging campus extended through the 11,000m2 project, which has a closed compound area and high security. Besides, the apartment also has a swimming pool, gym,and sauna.

A prestigious investor:

Metropole is a high-class apartment complex with lucrative potential and is invested by SonKim Land and Hong Kong Land for development cooperation.

Hong Kong Land is an investor from Hong Kong, a large and well-known financial unit in the Asian real estate market.

SonKim Land is an investor with a solid foundation, a wide investment scale from real estate, media to retail…

Upscale tenants:

The tenants of the apartment will be the ones earning high income because the apartment rent ranges from 1000 to 3000 UDS/month, working in the area around Thu Thiem, District 1, and District 3. Mostly, customers are intellectual, honest people who have the desire to live in the current environment. fantastic, high-class, and luxurious.

Full of development potentials :

In the future, Thu Thiem will be the most developed urban area in the region, making it a potential destination for tourism development and attracting a large number of customers who want to buy houses. The strategic location is considered diamond land and will not stop increasing prices until the infrastructure of the Thu Thiem urban area is completed. The location speaks to the high class of the river land with a view of Bitexco (the symbol of Ho Chi Minh City). With huge development potential, customers’ choosing to invest in the Metropole Thu Thiem project is absolutely right and wise.

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