The 9 Stellars Introduces a new Smart City Concept in Saigon

The 9 Stellars, project developed by SonKim Land, will open up the opportunity to own a modern and convenient life right in a smart city in the East of Ho Chi Minh City.

Thu Duc City is positioned to become an economic, science and technology center, thereby developing an innovative – highly interactive urban model, creating a “launch pad” for the industrial revolution. Ho Chi Minh City soon will become the technological “nucleus”, a new growth pole promoting the southern key economic region. Thereby, it will contribute to establishing a living value chain based on high technology, and social infrastructure according to international standards for businesses and residents here.

In the face of the expanding potential of Thu Duc City, real estate developer SonKim Land pioneered the development of The 9 Stellars . A project with the strengths of an expensive location right next to Metro Station 1 and the new Eastern Bus Station. Moreover, The 9 Stellars is surrounded by a large green space with a modern design integrated with a smart city solution model from the technology company Qualcomm, which has become a topic that attracts the attention of the real estate market.

Strategic location

The project is located in an expensive location at the gateway of Thu Duc City, the intersection connecting the arterial roads going to the center of Ho Chi Minh City and to neighboring provinces such as Binh Duong, Dong Nai, and Ba Ria-Vung Train. In the next year, when Metro Line 1 is completed and put into operation, the “golden” position right next to the metro station and Eastern Bus Station of The 9 Stellars will become extremely valuable.

At that time, if traveling by metro or any public transport, residents of The 9 Stellars will only take 20 minutes to Ben Thanh market, 10 minutes to Thao Dien – where the international standard education system is located and only 1 station away from the National University Village.

A modern urban area is always accompanied by the development of a highly educated community, residents of the project will have the ability to access a chain of prestigious international education systems such as the National University Village and Ho Chi Minh City High-Tech Park.

It can be said that The 9 Stellars has explored a new definition in urban circulation thanks to the public transport system, pedestrian roads and integrated amenities around the project within a few minutes’. Residents can easily enjoy the vibrant rhythm of life right at the Metro station and Mien Dong bus station with a complex of commercial centers, shop houses, and office buildings developed synchronously with national stature.

High-class life in the heart of a smart city

With a location surrounded by more than 700 hectares of green space from the Golf Course and National Historical and Cultural Park, the living area at The 9 Stellars is embellished with beautiful natural landscapes, providing plenty of oxygen supply.

The highlight of bringing life at The 9 Stellars to a new level is the core smart technology solutions developed by the world’s leading Technology Group, Qualcomm. The driverless bus system and many other applications help bring advanced living experiences privileged to residents in a modern urban ecosystem.

As a real estate developer who has always been a pioneer in applying advanced technologies; Smart and luxurious architectural design coupled with an extremely favorable location have been indispensable features when it comes to real estate projects with the SonKim Land brand name. And of course with the latest product to be introduced to the market, The 9 Stellars project is opening the opportunity to own the world’s leading smart life right in “Phu Dong” HCMC.

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