Thao Dien Green is expected to topped out in August 2022

In the second quarter of 2023, the first apartments of Thao Dien Green luxury project are expected to be officially handed over. Exceeded the original delivery schedule, the project is being built to the most beautiful floors.


As of June 2022, Thao Dien Green has completed the 18th floor and is carrying out the construction of the remaining floors of the project. The fact that Thao Dien Green has completed the 18th floor is a solid guarantee of the investor’s reputation, and at the same time helps customers to receive their house soon without having to wait.

With 3 advantages: Classy riverside living space; solid, complete and transparent legality; rapid construction progress; Thao Dien Green project brings peace of mind and satisfaction to customers. The project is invested by SIC – an investor with leaders with many years of experience in the real estate field with many successful projects in the North.

Strict standards and requirements in the building construction process are always strictly followed by the investor and the construction contractor. Thao Dien Green project not therefore only ensures the completion of the committed schedule but also is completed with the best quality. Accompanying Thao Dien Green is a team of experienced personnel with large projects in Hanoi, the project promises a masterpiece of living space in the heart of Thao Dien.

Although Thao Dien Green was launched to the market quite early, the project only started accepting bookings when it had complete legal ownership and was granted a construction permit. After completing the foundation, it was officially opened for sale. In addition, the project is guaranteed by 2 large and reputable banks (IndoVina and Vietcombank) when implementing the project. All show the prestige and strong financial strength of the SIC investor, which is a testament to a quality project that is always expected by customers.

Peace of mind owning a luxury apartment in the “rich street” Thao Dien

Possessing the leading luxury design, Thao Dien Green opens up a luxurious space that fully enjoys the natural beauty of the river and the expansive view of Ho Chi Minh City. Here, residents can enjoy the quintessential life worthy of the value of a luxurious living space in the “rich town” Thao Dien.

Bringing to the market the leading luxury real estate products in terms of design, resort value as well as offering full benefits for customers, SIC investors put all their heart in every detail when starting the project. at the beginning of the Thao Dien Green project. With a team of leaders with many years of experience in project development in Hanoi – a market with strict requirements in terms of legal assurance and project progress, SIC is a reliable investor for customers to feel secure about their property. Own a luxury apartment.

It is expected that the investor will top up the roof in August 2022 and be ready to hand over and welcome residents in the second quarter of 2023. Therefore, customers can be completely assured when choosing to own luxury apartments in Thao Dien Green.

Currently, the number of customers booking Thao Dien Green apartments is still increasing day by day, Especially when the construction progress is nearing completion, many customers have quickly booked before the new price level is established. It can be seen that the heat of Thao Dien Green has never cooled down. Especially when the investor SIC is implementing many attractive incentive programs.

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