New Real Estate Buyer’s Criteria Post-Pandemic in Vietnam

Under the influence of Covid-19 and the context of the prolonged social distancing, it has caused a strong impact on customers’ psychology and the decision to buy a home in the near future.

People today expect to live in a modern city, with diverse facilities – international standards, near schools, hospitals, and places that provide essential services and health care, rather than concentrated in urban areas or crowded economic centers.

According to a CBRE Vietnam, in early 2021, the cash flow into real estate increased rapidly in some provinces and cities where there was a situation of land “burning”. The number of people who wanted to invest in real estate before the Covid-19 outbreak accounted for 75%, the remaining 35% invested in securities.

Versatile utilities and a safe living space

Whether buying to live or buying for investment, the people of Ho Chi Minh City are also favoring projects that own diverse utility works that can serve the lives of all families in the best possible way.

The Director of Savills shared: “Besides looking for a second home near the sea or in the countryside, where the air is fresh and airy, most urban people still choose to live in the city because of the utilities nearby”. Therefore, projects that possess many strengths in terms of location near the nature, with river view, landscape designed with many impressive green areas such as Masteri Center Point will be welcomed by investors and buyers.

Prestigious investor that delivers quality product

Another factor that determines the customer’s ability to “give money” is the reputation and success of the investor in the real estate market. Customers evaluate the reliability of investors through the products they have launched in the market before. The closer the delivered product is to the drawings and the sample house, the higher the quality of operation and the higher the liquidity of the project, proving the better the reliability and financial ability of the developer.

Customers today are very ‘wise’ when it comes to project evaluation, they are more interested in the capacity of the developer, the quality of the delivered product and the internal and external utilities around the project. As a leading developer in exploiting golden lands and pioneering to create the ideal civilized community from District 2 with Masteri Thao Dien and Masteri An Phu and now Masteri Center Point in the heart of District 9, Masterise Homes boldly brings an iconic project with proud design right in the heart of the city’s eastern gateway. With the previous successes of Masterise Homes, buyers can be assured of the quality of the final delivered product.

Residential quality and development potential

In addition to the ideal living environment, buyers also expect to live and work in a civilized community, where neighbors are of the same class, have similar income levels, and same ethic. The safety, comfort and different living experiences will help homeowners enjoy a healthy, private, full life but still no less classy. It can be said that the more projects that focus on the residents’ experience, the more interested and appreciated the customers will be.

In addition, the area surrounding Masteri Center Point project is also the high-tech zone of the city, where most of the multinational corporations, prestigious universities, and leading technology companies are concentrated. The area has gradually formed a community of experts, engineers and lecturers from countries such as Korea, Taiwan and Japan to live and work. This will be a great motivation for investors to work together to create a civilized and knowledgeable community for the region, which will be the premise for a prosperous elite community to develop together.

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