Masterise Homes & Techombank Partnership

Masterise Homes has officially announced its cooperation with Techcombank to launch the program called “Live Worthy – Sustainable Future”, in gratitude to local customers with the Manulife Privilege Insurance package (“Private Insurance”) to extend the effort to raise the bar for customers.

Privileged insurance policy worth 0.8% of home value for the first year, helping to protect the family and the property up to 70 times the annual premium introduced by Masterise Homes exclusively for their customers. This can be seen as a very responsive and trending customer care strategy in the context of the pandemic.  

In Vietnam, 100% of Vietnamese people surveyed have been taking measures to improve their health in response to the Covid-19 epidemic. Along with the need for greater control over health and financial status, the demand for insurance is also increasing. This survey also shows that in Vietnam, about 9 out of 10 respondents said they plan to buy insurance within the next 6 months, much higher than the regional average of 71%.

Masterise Homes – Techcombank hợp tác mang đến gói bảo hiểm đặc quyền cho  khách hàng

Understanding the psychology and needs of the customers, Masterise Homes and Techcombank have collaborated to develop the program “Live Worthy – Sustainable Future” as a gift with dual value, the program’s Privilege Insurance package not only helps customers feel more secure during the current epidemic period, but also a valuable investment in the health, finance and future life of the whole family.

Masterise Homes shared: “Proud to be a real estate developer with international execution capabilities, we always strive to bring value. More than a customer appreciation program, Live Worthy – Sustainable Future is a sustainable solution when it not only meets the current needs in the current period, but also added value in the future, at the same time, the program also contributes to realizing the commitment to constantly create worthy experiences and shape a privileged lifestyle only for the Masterise Homes customers.”

Design “tailor made” and privileges for customers

Masterise Homes and Techcombank have designed a Privilege Insurance package under the Manulife brand – one of the top 10 most prestigious life insurance companies in Vietnam. The plan’s Privilege Policy covers 0.8% of the property’s value for the first year, providing family and property protection up to 70 times the annual premium.

The biggest difference of Living Worthy – Sustainable Future is the insurance package is “tailored” for each customer, fine-tuning values ​​and benefits based on needs and asset management plan. As a result, customers can choose from a variety of combinations – not just limited to life but also extending into healthcare, investment partnerships or asset preservation and growth.

The program applies to all customers who have successfully transacted real estate properties under projects owned by Masterise Homes as the Owner/representative of the Developer.

Valid from October 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021. Customers refer to the applicable conditions here and program details via the  website .

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