How Your Home Decoration Affects your Mood

The  decoration of a home is  not only important for the organization of space and light, but it can also affect your mood. Decorating is more than just creating fashionable environments. By choosing shapes and colors, you influence the brains of the inhabitants & guests. You can make them feel more confident and relaxed, or stimulate them to exploit all their creativity. 


One of the most important aspects in home decoration are colors . In spring we bet on cold colors and in autumn on warm colors. In this way we better cope with the temperatures of each season and improve our mood. Keep in mind that warm tones such as red and orange favor a feeling of joy and dynamism , but if you take them to the extreme, they can cause aggressiveness and a feeling of oppression; Ideally, to achieve the desired effect you need to use these colors in the upholstery or just to highlight a wall.

Cool like green, blue, and mauve convey serenity, tranquility, and relaxation . They are ideal to give more space to small areas and to encourage creativity, but if we use them excessively, the room can acquire an impersonal and depressing character.

You have to keep in mind what the objective of each room is and use the right colors . In the living room, or the part of the home to share moments with friends and family, it is preferable to opt for warm tones and leave cold colors for the bedroom.

The lighting

Poor lighting affects not only our vision but also our mood. Good light increases energy levels, while poor lighting contributes to depression and other deficiencies in the body. We must try to organize the space to let in natural light , since it stimulates the production of serotonin and endorphins, or failing that, have good artificial lighting.

Height of ceilings

The height of the ceilings also conditions the brain. What is already known as neuroarchitecture has shown that the dimensions of the spaces in a house affect the response of our brain. High ceilings encourage creativity, while low ceilings provide peace by helping relaxation and concentration. On the other hand, the rooms with organic and rounded shapes provide tranquility . In contrast, steep angles send a threatening message to the brain.

Maintain order

The order , cleanliness and ventilation are essential for a harmonious distribution. We must get rid of everything that does not serve us and establish a rigorous order with all the objects that will remain in our home. An organized space generates efficiency and reduces stress.

The power of nature

Including plants and flowers at home brings life, warmth and adds a touch of freshness to the space. In addition, they reduce stress, increase productivity and concentration, and improve air quality.

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