How to Decorate your Rental Property in Vietnam

So you’ve finally received your brand new apartment in Saigon and are eager to start generating returns on your investment, one quick way to do this is by renting your apartment as soon as possible. In cities like Ho Chi Minh & Hanoi the demand for rentals is quite high due to the large amount of foreigners and also locals that come from nearby provinces for working purposes.

It is important to understand that decorating a rental property is complety different from decorating your own house. While you are renovating your own home, you want to express your personality & create your own style, however for renovating a property rental it is best to create something neutral that suits everyone and anyone.

There are many ways of decorating your apartment, but we must find the perfect balance between quality, style and cost. Therefore, we recommend you to analyze carefully each room and find those items that match perfectly with the tenant profile you are targeting.

Common decorating styles with high-tenant demand in Vietnam:


Like its name suggests, is a modern style that follows current trends. It is known for its COZYNESS that sets it apart from other decoration styles.  The main colors are black, white, a variety of grays, and browns creating contrast between them.

The contemporary style is also known by its great luminosity, especially natural, since it has large windows or curtain walls that allow plenty of natural light to enter.

The Furniture is usually straight lines, clean, continuous, accompanied by a decoration generally in abstract forms. This style can create a great cozy & warm environment due to the variety of materials that can be used (wood, steal, glass, stone, etc).


Widely considered one of the most popular decoration styles world-wide, the Scandinavian style has its origins in northern Europe (Sweeden, Norway and Denmark). This particular style is known for its simplicity and comfort. The main color is white with straight lines and functional. Beige, and gray are also colors that suit well. For those looking to add a darker touch, dark brown can be a great option in the form of wooden furniture. Don’t be surprised to find vibrant colors such as yellow, orange and blue with a totally white background.

Scandinavian furniture is low, simple and with straight lines. If you’ve visited IKEA or JYSK you already have a pretty good idea about the design. The nordic decoration is minimalist, you don’t need to have many furniture but a purpose for each one. This can be benefitial as the overall cost can be lower and you can focus on getting high-quality pieces.


People relate classic style with luxury, comfort, quality, elegance and romanticism. It uses pure materials, elaborate accessories, and intense colors. This decoration type often creates a feeling of wealth but at a reasonable budget. The main colors are black, dark blue, and purple. Colors such as gold, bronze and silver can be a great complement to create a richer interior and can be reinforced with the use of materials such as wood, leather and marble.

All three decoration styles are very popular in Vietnam. Choosing one of them can help you speed up the leasing process, however bare in mind the quality of the furniture as it will have a direct influence on the final rental price.

Other Decoration Tips:


Property in Saigon is usually handed over fully fitted, which means floors, walls, kitchens, bathrooms and ceilings are all finished. When it comes to flooring, decorating it with expensive carpets is generally not a great idea. Even though we can’t deny the elegance that a good looking carpet brings to your home, you must consider the fair wear and tear from all your future tenants. After a couple of years, your carpet will most likely look dirty and worn.

If you are carpet kind of person, then we suggest you to stick with darker colors with good underlay to create a feeling of thickness and higher tolerance to dirt.


It is common in Vietnam, specially by local landlords, to add wallpapers to their walls. However, we advice you to leave them in plain white or a light gray color as it gives a more neutral appearance.


Depending on the project, the majority of bathrooms in Vietnam are handed over without cabinets or storage of any kind. We advice you to install some basic cabinets under the sink or attached to the wall.


If your apartment was handed over without a kitchen then it is imperative to build one. Make sure the design and colors used are consistent with the rest of the apartment and the furniture style you’ve chosen. Adding an oven or a dishwasher is a great plus, specially if you are targeting foreign tenants.

For more informatin about interior design & house renovation in Ho Chi Minh City please contact us directly via email at  daisy@localhost, your trusted property agent in Saigon.

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