How to Decorate your Bachelor Room in Ho Chi Minh City

Decorating your bachelor room in Saigon is very simple. The great advantage of taking care of the decoration of your own bachelor’s flat is that everything will depend on your taste , your way of being and the personality you want to give to that space as personal as your room. Although it is not a space that is usually visible to everyone, the bedroom / room is one of the most important in any home and therefore special care must be taken when decorating it.


The key elements of any room in a bachelor flat, although basic and perhaps a bit obvious, are what you should focus on to get that dream place you want so much. Pay attention to the steps you need to follow; It is very important that you consider each point in the order in which we place it, since it will depend on it that, in the end, everything has the correct functionality and decorative coherence.


The first thing you should consider is the amount of natural light that your room has and how necessary it will be to place lamps and extra lighting to achieve the effect you want, in addition to the indicated color palette so that the space is comfortable and invites you to rest.

Something very important is that, although the bedroom environment invites calm and tranquility, which is regularly associated with soft and warm lighting, it is also necessary to have the necessary light for specific cases .

While it is true that the bedroom environment invites a calm climate with dim lighting, a good light is necessary for specific cases: it is very likely that you use this space to read before going to sleep and, of course, to get dressed in the morning or before leaving.

A fundamental factor is the ceiling lighting, since it will be the main one in charge of providing light to the bedroom. You can achieve this through a pendant lamp , with several recessed spotlights in the ceiling or even with wall lights directed towards the ceiling. The only thing you should consider is that this lighting should be indirect and diffuse to create a comfortable feeling.

If you have space for bedside tables, the lamps that you must place on them should have the function of being a directed light. If you are one of those people who like to read in bed, you can opt for wall lights that you can direct or a lamp that is easily adjustable towards your reading area.


Choosing the correct color palette is crucial to decorating a stag room . Although you should mainly choose it based on your personal taste, there are also some things you can consider.

The psychology of color is essential for interior design and there are elements that you should not forget. There are colors that promote rest and tranquility, while there are some others that, used in excess, can cause stress and anxiety.

Main colors

Neutral colors will always be your best friends when it comes to decorating your bachelor’s room . They give amplitude to the space, in addition to lighting it (a very important aspect, especially when thinking about the first point of this guide) and, psychologically, they favor rest.

The white, beige, gray (light and dark) and ivory , are an ideal base for walls of any room, and always allow you to play with other shades to give that decorative accent, whether in furniture, bedding or with any work of art that you decide to place. These colors are psychologically recognized as tranquilizers, so they won’t make you sleepless at night, quite the opposite!

The so-called ” pastel colors ” are also excellent as a main color for a stag room. The blues, greens, pinks and lavenders pastel associated with softness, relaxation and serenity, all you want to get to the house after a long day.

Auxiliary colors

If you want to give it some more intense touches of color, you can use them to a lesser degree, since they create a great contrast and give strength to the space, even when used in smaller items or simple decorative details.

 The blue creates harmony and tranquility, although being a cold color, must be accompanied by warm lighting, for contrast.

The green is known to be a soothing color is associated with the renovation, which goes very well with the atmosphere of a bedroom.

The violet generates tranquility and promotes creativity, as well as help reduce stress.

 The pink is usually associated with tenderness and femininity, and is a way to create an atmosphere full of finesse, but with personality.

The red is associated with love and passion, and being a stimulating color, is always recommended in small details, never for a whole room!

The Orange conveys warmth and energy, but should always be used in large and bright spaces because it can be a bit overwhelming in large quantities.

The yellow light and transmits optimism, so using it can bring more than a smile.

The brown creates a sense of stability, warmth and creates a cozy atmosphere.

The gray evokes balance and sophistication, so it’s ideal for a more sober bedroom.

The black symbolizes elegance and style, and subtracting light into the room, favor the rest.

If you are more daring and not afraid of color, you could also use them as the main color and use neutral tones to give those color accents. Remember that everything depends on your tastes!


The bed is the main protagonist of any room , so you should pay special attention to the bedding and buy a couple of cushions, which will be the difference to create an attractive and inspiring space and decorate your room like an expert.

Remember that you should always choose all this based on the color palette that you have decided for the bedroom, in addition to making sure to select natural and comfortable fabrics, for a better rest.

And if you don’t know how to place the cushions, don’t worry, follow this little scheme, it will make things easier for you!

If you decide to buy a headboard, make sure it is of the best quality and that it adds something to the space, either in design or color. You need cohesion between all the elements that make up your room, so make sure it is the same style that you will use in the rest of the furniture.

There are even vinyls that you can place on the wall, so that they give the illusion of being a headboard … a very original way to decorate a simple wall.


You will need a closet for all your clothes … Maybe a couple of drawers and side tables … But when choosing them you have to think that they are the same style as the rest of the room in your bachelor apartment, that they combine with each other and on Everything, that the distribution of the same is adequate so that you do not feel “trapped” when entering the bedroom. Choose the one that best suits the space you have!

Remember that the key to having an “open” closet, that is, one that is visible, is ORDER. So make sure everything looks orderly so you don’t feel like chaos is overwhelming you.

There are modular furniture options, which are excellent for small spaces and that you can accommodate according to the space and your needs.

If you put a couple of shelves, it is also an excellent option, both functional and decorative. There are many options to choose from, so it is a matter of deciding which one you prefer and starting to fill them … Take advantage of all the spaces!


If you are lucky enough to have a room large enough to accommodate a small workspace, don’t hesitate! You should not only take advantage of it for its functionality, but because it is an excellent way to highlight the decoration and give it that extra that you may need.

As for the wallpaper, if you want to give it a special touch and accentuate a wall. Just consider that it is much better to go little by little than to do it in the ENTIRE bedroom. You may love the design for the first few months, but you might end up getting tired if you cover all the walls.

But if you are risky enough to do it… dare! Whether on removable wallpaper or with moldings, you will achieve a WOW effect!

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