Handover of Apartment in Vietnam through Power of Attorney

Stranded overseas without the possibility of coming into Vietnam to receive the handover of your new apartment? Well, no need to worry, through a POA (Power of Attorney) you can still manage to receive your unit without having to come to Vietnam.

What is a POA?

Known as a Power of Attorney, it enables you to choose another person or institution (real estate agent) to take care of the handover of your apartment once the construction is finished and all the payments are completed. This authorization does not empower the authorized person to buy, sell or sublease the unit on your behalf. The POA for property handover only authorizes the person receiving the unit to sign all documents related to the handover of the property, to inspect the property for any defects on the owner’s behalf  and to take care of all formalities while receiving the apartment from the developer.

This type of POA is perfect for those who are stranded outside of Vietnam during covid time.

Documents Required:

  1. Original POA form (certified and notarized via consulate/embassy of Vietnam in country of residence)
  2. ID Card/Passport of Authorized Person
  3. ID Card/Passport of Owner (copy)
  4. Apartment Sales & Purchasing Agreement (if requested by developer)

*The above required documentation may vary depending on each developer’s internal policies.

During Handover Day:

  1. Property inspection: Together with the developer, the Attorney will carefully inspect the property for any defects and take record.
  2. Readings of Electricity and Water will be recorden upon handover
  3. Rooms & Main Door Keys will be handover to the Attorney. New main door passcode will be set by the Attorney.
  4. Procedures for Electricity, Water & Management fee payments will be explained and recorded.
  5. Instruction Manual for electrical equipment, technical drawings of the unit and other documents will be handover to attorney.

Note: If defects are recorded during the handover, the developer will usually provide two options:

  1. Schedule another handover appointment after all defects are taken care of.
  2. Schedule an appointment with the Attorney to fix all defects post-handover.

If you are stranded overseas and in need of support for apartment handover, don’t hesitate in contacting me at daisy@localhost . Our team of professionals will work together with you to ensure a smooth property handover.

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